Eike: Tudo ou Nada

Eike: Tudo ou Nada 5.5
  • Name: Eike: Tudo ou Nada
  • Category: Thriller Mystery Drama Crime Action & Adventure Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Launch year:: 2022
  • Country: pt
In 2006, when the Brazilian economy was taking off due to the discovery of oil in the pre-salt layer, Eike Batista decided to create the oil company OGX and hired the best men from Petrobras to participate in the pre-salt auction. But megalomaniacal plans and a series of misguided decisions and alliances cause their empire to crumble as spectacularly as it had grown. And Brazil watches, perplexed, the fall of Eike, who loses all his fortune, power and prestige. Inspired by the book by journalist Malu Gaspar.
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